Candidate Nomination

Nomination for SCULT Awards is open from June 1st to October 30th 2018 (24:00 London time).

Candidate nominations should be sent by e-mail to:
Nominations are welcome both from organisations and individuals.
The winners will be selected by an international sport expert panel by summing up individual expert scores.

Guidelines for submitting a nomination:

  1. Name, age, e-mail and phone number of the candidate.
  2. Which award category is the candidate nominated for?
  3. Give a short overview (3-5 sentences) of achievements and background / history of the candidate.
  4. Point out reasons for nomination (explain with up to 5 sentences why does the candidate deserve recognition).
  5. Additional information about the candidate (links to photos, articles, videos etc.)
  6. Profile photo of the candidate (up to 2 MB).
  7. Name and contact information of the person and organisation submitting the nomination.