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Volunteer's Journey to PyeongChang by Marko Teder

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Where did the process begin, why did you decide to apply?

It began with the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. I saw an interview on TV with an Estonian volunteer. I felt excited by it and decided to do some research about the next ones. PyeongChang 2018 was the one that stood out – it isn't that far time-wise and it seemed like a really interesting place to visit.

How about the process of application? Was it long?

First of all, I filled out an application form for being a volunteer. Then I had to pass a couple of English language tests – oral and written. After those we had a group video chat with 4-5 people via Skype. This marked the end of the toughest part – I got chosen as a first degree volunteer. Shortly I got presented with a chance to apply as a second degree volunteer – in order to do that, I had to fill in a short questionnaire. I succeeded. All in all, the whole process took me about one year.… more

The Olympic torch relay experience of Eilika Trummar


We had a little chat with Eilika Trummar. She volunteered to be a part of the Winter Olympics torch relay in Greece, in late October 2017. Keep reading to find out about the experience, her impressions and how she got there in the first place.

How did you get there, what was the process like?

I turned in an application and fortunately, also turned out to be chosen. Everyone who was interested could apply to become an Olympic torch bearer through the Hellenic Olympic Committee. I had to to fill in a form that took into account prior experience in sports-, educational- and social fields. It was about a week before the start of the relay when the results were published. After that, everyone who got chosen had to arrange their trip to Greece as well as their on-site accommodation.

How could other people become torch bearers?

Courage, self-motivation, a high level of activity in the field of… more

World Sport Volunteer Awards 2017 Have Been Announced!

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SCULT WORLD SPORT VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR - OLIVIA MARGAINOur world volunteer of the year is – as one might expect – extremely passionate about sports. She's been involved with sports since she was a kid, and is now working as a rhythmic gymnastics coach for young people. Besides working as head coach and department manager in her sports club, she is also there when help is needed for sport volunteering.

Olivia's volunteering experience is striking, here is a fraction of it for illustration:IPC World Championships of Athletics 2013Sochi Winter Olympics 2014European Games 2015Rio Paraolympics 2016

SCULT WORLD SPORT ORGANISER OF THE YEAR - SPECIAL OLYMPICS WINTER GAMES AUSTRIA 2017The 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games were held in Austria this spring. 3000 volunteers from all over the world gathered to Graz, Schadming and Ramsau to make the winter games an unforgettable event for 2700… more

White-collars and the renaissance of volunteering

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LinkedIn is the world`s biggest white-collars’ database - network of people who have usually attended schools a lot and are working at cool jobs. These are people who earn mountains but whose schedules are so packed, that there hardly is any spare time. Workaholics, if you wish. Even so, as many as 82% of them are keen to share their time and experience voluntarily (sic!). There has to have a reason behind it?!

The first argument can be found in the pyramid of Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs - the person who`s full and has a roof above will start to search for possibilities of self-actualization. Their role in society and meaning of life in a wider sense. Therefore, one’s ego certainly plays a role. At the same time, there is an interesting fact: up to 41% of headhunters and recruiters in LinkedIn evaluate voluntary work experience as equipotent to their experience in payed work and as many as… more

Banks are finding it harder to attract young recruits & volunteering helps

Millennials 1830

Millennials are getting pickier

“FIST BUMP, MAN.” That was how a young employee at Bank of America Merrill Lynch expressed his approval after a presentation to staff, recalls Diego De Giorgi, head of investment banking there. The boss obliged. After a recent “town hall” meeting he got an e-mail from a second-year analyst who wanted to discuss some ideas. Mr De Giorgi duly invited him and a few of his peers for a chat.

Today’s recruits to big banks have different priorities from the newcomers of a decade or two ago. These days a presentation to university students might be followed by half an hour of questions about the bank’s corporate social responsibility programme, as well as the more obvious ones about pay and promotion prospects.

“ Millennials are much more likely to come and go than to pursue a one-firm career ”

Those presentations attract significantly fewer people than they did at… more